Priest: Fr Bill East, 41 Potter Hill,
Pickering, North Yorkshire YO18 8AD
Tel. 01751 472727 -

Parish Meeting

24th July 2017

We held our parish annual general meeting on Tuesday 18th July. This meeting usually takes place during the fifth week of Lent, but it was delayed this year by the death of our treasurer, Barbara Knight. The minutes of the meeting have been distributed in church and the accounts displayed on the notice board. We note briefly here that we have a new treasurer, Paul Robb, a new assistant treasurer, Ian Welford, a new promoter of the missions, Kitty Turner, and would like to appoint a new promoter of the Apostleship of the Sea, if anyone would care to volunteer. A newcomer to the parish, Denise Dane, has taken on the role of promoter of CAFOD.